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Announcements post #388: Org marks logs.

From: Neritus
Subject: Org marks logs.

Hi all!

Integrating all the new economy features with orgs has been light on detailed logging. With even more features still to come, now is a good time to separate out marks account adjustments from the main organizational logs.

There is now a new investible power, Markslog. This grants the privileged the right to read and write to the org's MARKSLOG, where all marks-related logging will now occur.

I have given Markslog in Scatterhome to Paperpushers and Accountants. Please hold a referendum if you wish to make adjustments.

I have also gone and made another investible power, Commlog, so that org's can now pick and choose who has access to the commodity logs. Again for Scatterhome, Paperpushers and Accountants have the power.

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