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Announcements post #386: Eggcellent Pun Not Found.

From: Feracht Whisperer Soren
Subject: Eggcellent Pun Not Found.

(I am very sorry.)

Hey, Starmourn sector!

Damiel and I have cooked up a fun little quest or two for y'all -- search out Derika or Fufu and see if you can help them with their respective problems... but you can only choose one of them to help, so do choose wisely.

(Remember, you can now do WALK TO DERIKA or WALK TO FUFU if you just can't find them!)

These quests will be available until the sync on Monday (for us 'Muricans, anyway, YMMV) so don't hesitate to help them out ASAP if you're interested. The more you help them, the greater the rewards will be. Potentially!

You'll have to wait til Monday to find out. :)

Oh, and very happy holidays to anyone celebrating this weekend! You're all good eggs and we heart you!

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