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Announcements post #385: New components and sensor changes.

From: Neritus
Subject: New components and sensor changes.

Hi all!

Thanks to Domin we now have a bunch of new ship components. Every ship class should now have at least 3 options for every component, allowing more design options than ever when building your new ships, especially for freighters and superhaulers which previous had very few component options.

In addition to the new components, the Sensors and Shield components have some changes:
- Shield thermal resistance has been replaced with Gravitic resistance. Naturally, thermal resistance on shields was meaningless, as shields don't take thermal damage! If your shield had thermal resistance before, it now has gravitic resistance.
- Sensor strength now has 2 additional digits and the calculations have been tweaked to adjust. This will provide greater granularity when picking between sensors and when Overclocking them.
- Sensors now have an additional stat, Jamming Strength. Previously, jammers used a roll of caster sensor strength vs. target sensor strength. The roll is now caster jamming strength vs. target sensor strength.

To go along with these changes, there are some other minor changes:
- Jamming strength also increases with the Sensor Overclock shipmod.
- Jammer cooldown up from 10s to 25s. We wanted to place more emphasis on the Jam Strength vs Sensor Strength roll.
- The amount of capacitor charge drained by capdrainers has been increased.

That's all for now,
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