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Announcements post #381: Referendum results.

From: Neritus
Subject: Referendum results.

Hi all!

The votes have been tallied and the results are in: Refineries/Autofactories will be the next big system due for reworks, followed by Cosmpiercers/Caches/Crystals/Vouchers afterwards. Thanks to everyone who participated. Even if the results did not go in your favor, rest assured we'll get to the runner-up in due course.

You'll be hearing more from us on our plans for refineries, autofactories, and the next generation of manufacturing and industrial play.

Also a quick note that I've just loaded some performance updates to ship pathfinding, which has been the main computational bottleneck server-side for some time. The updates reduce the amount of time the servers spend on this task a hundred-fold and should allow for a more consistently responsive user experience. I've done my best to ensure that ship pathfinding is just as able to get you from A to B as before. It will still fail in situations where it failed before, but the updates shouldn't have an adverse effects.

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