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Announcements post #379: April Showers.

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: April Showers.

Hello Starmourners!

Thank you for your patience while we got this month's promo items ready for you!

Without further ado... this month, Mission Control is back (See HELP MISSIONCONTROL if you've never played before).

New general prizes to the pot are as follows:

A cargo transponder relay
This sleek transponder relay is comprised of various metamaterials which, according to very helpful and obtrusive labels, apparently "divert faster-than-light subspace traffic". Its inner workings are somewhat obscure, but it is smooth to the touch and the size of a palm.
This little doodat allows you to name an NPC cargo ship! - "CUSTOMIZE REQUEST NEW CARGOSHIP" to use it, and see HELP ITEMCUSTOMIZATIONS for more info.

A LUCENT RadioWavez audio system
Drop this in-room soundsystem and listen to your LUCENT tunes anywhere. You can also select a genre, mood or both for a much more tailored listening experience! The LUCENT command will control a radio in the room (anyone can control them).

A LUCENT Streaming TV system
You wanted space TV... you got space TV... eight channels of entertainment (with more channels to be added soon) so you can sit back and watch All My Spacers, or the GravBall match, or... some ridiculous kids TV. In space.

A glittering LUCENT promo voucher
Obviously space TV has ad breaks (sorry), but with this item you'll be able to commission your very own ad to be shown between shows!

We've decided to bring back the controversial BIG PRIZES this month, so for every 50 shots fired there will once again be a 50cr bonus prize, as well as some FANCYPANTS stuff at big milestones along the way.

100 - a workshop advancement token
200 - a workshop advancement token
300 - a Static Web Launcher
400 - a workshop advancement token
500 - a Portable Heartstart Device
600 - a workshop advancement token
700 - a token of friendship
800 - a workshop advancement token
900 - a token of friendship
1000 - a pair of M0DIF1KA R-153 fully integrated rocket wings
1100 - a token of friendship
1200 - A Holographic Distortion Field
1300 - a token of friendship
1400 - a workshop advancement token
1500 - a Free Class token (can also be exchanged for a crafter's omnipass)
1600 - a workshop advancement token
1700 - a token of friendship
1800 - Ship Hyperscan 5
1900 - a token of friendship
2000 - a pair of M0DIF1KA R-153 fully integrated rocket wings
2100 - a token of friendship

***PLEASE REMEMBER*** Camping in missioncontrol for hours on end is not allowed, and scripting your shots to snag the big prizes isn't either. Someone may well try to snipe a big prize that they otherwise wouldn't be able to get, as this is part of the game. It's natural to feel annoyed or upset if this happens to you, but if you do, please step away from the keyboard while you cool off. There's no point in taking it out on the other person or upsetting the community, and if you think foul-play is involved then ISSUE it. But please do think about whether someone has just shot off 50 batteries aiming for a big prize before you take a random shot. Consideration is free, and you're all expected to use it. <3

There's loads more stuff from previous promos on the boards this month, so go along to your nearest mission control room and type MISSIONCONTROL PRIZES to see what's up for grabs!

MISSIONCONTROL BONUS shows how many shots are left until every logged-in member of your faction gets a free battery shot!

Have fun everyone!

Damiel <3

P.s. The TV might be a bit buggy tonight. I am aware. I'm going to be adding to it/fixing it, but do feel free to bug the myriad of bugs that will no doubt appear. I did my best!
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