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Announcements post #378: All aboard Starship Colonize.

From: Neritus
Subject: All aboard Starship Colonize.

Hello Starmourn!

First up, the promotional rollover will be delayed. So you still have a chance to get your last tesseracts in! Shout out to the tesseract parties this month. It's always lovely to see lots of faces around for them.

Now, with no further adieu, it is my pleasure to announce that today marks the release of a long-anticipated system: Colonization! We've been at work on this system behind the scenes for a long time, and it's finally time for the reveal.

Colonization introduces a boat-load of content. Starting now, you'll be able to explore celestial bodies all over the Sector and, if you wish, establish colonies on them. The fate of entire asteroids, moons, and planets rests in your hands. Will you become a tyrant of industry, cruelly stripping a planet of all its resources regardless of its local flora and fauna? Or will you build a colony in perfect harmony with what came before? Will it join in your faction's military industrial complex? Will it become a beacon of science? A garden to rival all others? A wildlife reserve? The choice is yours!

This is a very large system, so I will not cover it in greater detail here. Instead I direct you to HELP COLONIZATION and the new COLONY syntax menu. You can establish a colony by flying your ship to an asteroid, moon, or planet in neutral space and using COLONY ESTABLISH. This will deploy the initial Colony Hub on the celestial body's surface, which you can then expand with the options listed in COLONY MANAGE. The initial Hub comes at no cost, but additional colony building will cost blood, sweat, tears, and comms.

The Sector is yours to seize.

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