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Announcements post #377: Welcome to Paperweight.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: Welcome to Paperweight.

Welcome to Paperweight.

Brought to you by Nyx and the Storytelling team, Paperweight is the winning entry from our Player Created Area Contest and its harsh tundras are almost ready to explore! Read below for some quick previews of what you can find in this bustling new space.

New Cultures
- The Twice-Departed: Long ago, a Jin captain piloted the ship known as Li'Gon into Razors Rift and quickly realized death was imminent. In a stark divergence from Jin culture, he crash landed in Razors Rift to avoid death, saving the lives of those on board and creating something new in the process. The Twice-Departed value a Good Life in their humble home in the tundra with limited trade to the rest of the sector.
- The Belaul: A bipedal avian race native to the tundras of Paperweight. They are entirely self-sufficient and mostly keep to themselves in The Nest, thriving off basic hunter-gathering practices. After the arrival of the Twice-Departed, they educated the Jin in the ways of the tundra and began participating in basic trades.

New Mechanics
- Fishing: In Paperweight you can now fish for meals, for marks, or for beast-y challenges! Talk to J'hiren to claim your own fishing rod and get started. Much more to come with this new system.
- Weather effects: The tundra now slows movement and can restrict vision. Players can purchase standard gear or special flavor gear to limit the hinderances. Those patient enough to wait it out or lucky enough to wander about at the right time can also bear witness to the wonderous Aes-Uulvi Dao.
- Time messages: A new line below the room description now notes the time of day and special flavor messages denote the passing of time.
- Time related events: Certain creatures now have time-related events and behaviors to learn.

Beware that the tundra is a harsh environment even for the most experienced explorers - The nights are dark and full of beasties and brutal ice storms test the mind. Ready to dive in? Join us in-game on Sunday, March 27th, three [3] hours before sync for a mysterious new event and to open this world to the sector.

Read more on the wiki:

Meow meow & pit pat,

Argus, the tiniest feracht
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