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Announcements post #376: Mapper and Pathfinding improvements.

From: Neritus
Subject: Mapper and Pathfinding improvements.

Hello everyone!

Pathfinding (with WALK TO) is now better than ever! WALK TO now knows how to use transfer crafts and gatewarps! We've also added command links to the AREAS and STATIONS commands to help you on your walkabouts!

By default, players will not use gatewarps in their pathfinding. To enable it, use CONFIG PATHFINDGATEWARP ON. The pathfinder knows about Voidgate Hopper and will use it to take shortcuts.

For the technically minded, you'll now find a new exit element attribute in in the game's map.xml, "special". This includes the command you need to enter under attribute 'command' and the target room of the command under 'target'.

Happy walks,
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