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Announcements post #374: Concerning Bloodbonds.

From: Neritus
Subject: Concerning Bloodbonds.

Hi all,

I've gone and fixed a bunch of stuff with the Bloodbond bodymod/artifact. Also rejigged MODIFICATION syntax a bit, which now also has MODIFICATION STATUS by the way to see your intalled bodymods including ID#s.

If you have a bloodbond, follow closely.

Bloodbond bodymods that were obtained through promo winnings have been made anew and should be in your inventory. "Children" bloodbond items created through someone using BOND LINK on another person have been wiped.

All bloodbonds need to be linked again, at which time the "children" items will return.

This should hopefully resolve all outstanding bugs on bloodbonds.

A few extra notes:
- Added BOND UNLINK. You can now, on a 1-week cooldown, remove a link on an installed bloodbond bodymod. If this is the main bloodbond item created from a prize, it will just reset the link. If this is the child bloodbond item obtained for free, the bodymod will delete but the link will be cleared on the parent bloodbond item.
- You can no longer BOND LEND while your bond is in an Arena you are not it.
- If you notice a bodymod you won from a promo did not get properly remade, we have logs of the process and can help troubelshoot. Please ISSUE.

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