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Announcements post #373: Design plurals!

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Design plurals!


You will now see that your designs have a 'plural' field. This is the phrase used when the item is dropped and appears as grouped in the room, for example if you drop 3 items called 'a bag of grishki flavored popkern' and the noun is 'popkern', up until this point the system would default to either whatever plural desc we have set on the base item, or it just pluralises the noun if we haven't... so it could say:
'3 bags of popkern are here' or '3 popkerns are here'

It also wouldn't differentiate between different types of that kind in the room, so you could drop 5 different cookies and it would just say '5 cookies are here'.

Well, this is now fixed! From here on in you may either leave the default plural desc or set your own! The character limit is slightly more than the appearance field at 70ch. You do not need to add the start or end of the sentence - JUST the descriptor, so like...
'bags of grishki flavored popkern' or 'sizzling zhubeast steaks' or 'comfortable beds, piled up with layers of soft blankets'
It will always start with a number and end with 'are here'.

Also, I have made it so that designed liquid containers now show what's in them when dropped, and only show their designed 'dropped' field when empty. So the dropped field on designed cups/glasses should always presume that they are empty.

Any questions, feel free to ask. Any bugs, please submit a bug!

Hope this is helpful!

Damiel <3
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