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Announcements post #372: LET'S GO SPACE TRUCKIN'

From: Neritus

Starmourn, it's that time!

Take to the skies and claim what is yours, protect the innocent, or defy the odds. It's my pleasure to announce that the much-anticipated Space Trucking system is now RELEASED.

This is a major content release that covers not only hauling cargo to and fro, but also space piracy, policing, smuggling, and much more. Whether you want to be a hauler, pirate, warden, smuggler, a contractor, or any combination of the above, there is plenty of fresh content for you. There are lots of new mechanics to cover and instead of covering it here I will simply direct you to all the new help files, HELP CARGOCONTRACTS, HELP PIRACY, HELP SMUGGLING, and HELP CONTRABAND, as well as the CARGO CONTRACTS and PIRACY syntax menus.

I will further note that organizations (factions, dynasties, and clans alike) now have the new investible Shipping power (and a perk to go along with it for Dynasties), which lets you place cargo contracts to ship org commodities. For Scatterhome, the Shipping power has been granted to Accountants. If you would like it elsewhere, hold a referendum.

The promo cycle has received a refresh as well. In those tesseracts you will now find some new goodies:

Pirate Magnet (pirate_magnet):
This artifact, when linked to your ship, will make your ship look like a juicy target for pirates. When flagged as a Warden, you'll be more likely to draw pirates out of their hidey-holes.

Pirate Deterrent (pirate_deterrent):
Much like blood darter repellent. Makes your ship seem less valuable for pirates. When engaged in a cargo contract, the chance of pirates ambushing you will be lower.

Priority Cargo Contractor (priority_contractor):
With this artifact, you will have 33% reduced insurance premiums when insuring your cargo contracts.

Improved Cargoscanners (improved_cargoscanners):
Scan cargo ships for contraband from the safety of juiced-up beacon ranges! This artifact will increase the range of your cargoscanners from its default out to your ship's beacon range.

Extra Cargo Contracts (contract_slots):
Increases the maximum number of cargo contracts you can place at one time by 5. Stacks up to 5 times. Note that this does not affect cargo contracts you can *take*, only ones that you yourself are creating.

Of the above, pirate_deterrent, contract_slots, and improved_cargoscanners can be purchased for normal credits as well, the other two will be promo only for now.

You'll also be able to find a fun new item for your habitations!

A large window:
Place this window into your habitations and you'll be able to look outside and gaze upon the weather. Dreary or nay it's a fine time for reflection.

That's all for now. Make sure to keep us abreast of any bugs and feedback you may have with this system!

Safe travels!
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