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Monthly Mournal Rankings! (MMR)

Greetings everyone!

I'm pleased to announce a new circuit for kombatants of the Mournal Kombat Clan - Monthly Mournal Rankings!

This is essentially a 1 versus 1 series of fights through each month, with kombatants fighting each other once in a round robin fashion - i.e. one best-of-one fight between each contestant who has signed up with each other contestant in their bracket.
The scoring is simple - 2 points to the victor, 1 point for draws, and 0 for losses.

There is a twist to this monthly ranking system - you may fight against your opponents once more as another class! So if you have 4 classes, you can fight up to 4 times against each opponent through the month, but you have to use a different class each time.
For example, if I have 4 classes, I can fight against opponent A four times; once as a Fury, once as a Scoundrel, once as an Engineer, and once as a BEAST. I may not use the same class against the same opponent more than once.

The scores will thus be split into 6 categories: one for each class (5), and one overall points score table (1)

There will be prizes for the top person of each class per month, and for the top 3 fighters overall each month. The prizes will include credits and temporary titles for the month!!

I may also consider doing a quarterly tournament between the top fighter of each class for additional prizes!

What if you don't have enough credits or experience in another class, you ask? I shall subsidize a portion of credits needed to get lessons for classes if need be. This shall be capped at 300 credits per individual and I shall grant the subsidy at my own discretion.
As for experience - reach out to any of our kombatants in Clan Mournal Kombat and we shall gladly help with advice or spars!

Please send me a message if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up!

(// OOC from here on out)
Monthly Mournal Rankings (MMR)
Format: Round Robin - 1 v 1s
Restrictions: May fight each opponent multiple times (1x as a different class)
Level Restrictions/Brackets: None
Points Scoring: Win: 2points; Draw: 1point; Loss: 0points
Points viewing for the month: Shared Google Sheet:
Logs: Send Results and Logs to Xuthori/post on Discord - will be shared to public. Please let Xuthori know if you'd like to volunteer to help with recording as well!
Running Dates: 1st of each Month to the last day of each Month, starting from 1 April 2022 GMT 0000 Hours.
Class Rankings - Top person in each class gets 25credits for the month and a potential Temporary Title
Overall Rankings - 1st place: 100credits; 2nd place: 50credits; 3rd place: 25credits; and top ranker gets a potential Temporary Title

Subsidies for new classes:
Capped at 300 credits per person. Please submit applications to Xuthori via message for review, with details on which class you wish to get lessons/credits for.
I may also supply weapon or armor tokens if required.

Conditions and prizes above may be changed at any time at my discretion, but I think that seems ok for now. The Clan also accepts any donations by way of credit or marks for future prize pools!

Also accepting Suggestions for Titles for winners via:
Some potential titles I've come up with are:
Fury: First Blade; Rightgeous Fury; Raging Fury
Scoundrel: Don; Wanted; Final Bullet
Engineer: Tinkerer; Heartbreaker; One with Machine
BEAST: Battletank; System One; Onslaught
Nanoseer: Eye of Insanity; Voidmaster

Overall: Champion; One Above All; Insurmountable

Will hold a poll after a few days to see what people like the most!

That's it for now - looking forward to seeing participants! Come on down and TEST YOUR MIGHT!

In Honour,

P.S. - No pressure to join or participate to win! I'm just trying to add in a little bit of jazz back into the pvp scene and encourage people to try new classes!
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