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Announcements post #365: A class (tesser)act!

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: A class (tesser)act!

Dearest Spacepops,

As you may already be aware, the promo for this month is Tesseracts! Loveletters are being stowed away for another 11 months, but we're SO pleased you all enjoyed them so much.

A lot of you are probably familiar with Tesseracts by now, but I know that we do have a lot of new players (hi!) who may have no idea what I'm on about, so if you don't, let me invite you to read HELP TESSERACTS.

We're awarding tesseracts based on credit purchases this month, and for the first 100 credits you purchase on a character you'll get a tesseract every 10 credits, ~as well as~ the usual prize of a tesseract every 25 credits - meaning that the first 100 credits you purchase this month will give you 14 tesseracts! Then, after that, you'll get a tesseract every 25 credits. You can also check how many you've got by checking CREDITSALE.

Tesseracts come in various colors, all of them starting off as blue. You may TURN <tesseract> <RED|GREEN|BLUE|GOLD|RAINBOW> to alter its color and the odds and kinds of prizes that are inside.
- BLUE : Standard, all of the prizes, balanced odds
- RED : Double the chance to get artifacts, but also double the chance to get credits and marks
- GREEN : Double the chance to get items, lower chance of everything else
- GOLD : TURN-ing to gold requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. Prizes become 5x and there's only credits and artefacts inside. The Gold tesseract also contains a couple of arties that aren't available in the other tesseracts
- RAINBOW : TURN-ing to rainbow requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. When you open this one, EVERYONE IN THE ROOM with you will receive a prize from the BLUE tesseract pool, including yourself. So gather your friends in the room before you open these up. If you get more than five people in the room, you're basically gaining value for free.
(NOTE: You can freely change the color any number of times before opening, but NOT if you turned five tesseracts into a gold or rainbow tesseract. Those stay locked. They will also not be consumed by other gold/rainbow tesseracts.)


In the mix this month we have a load of promo only artifacts, including two brand new ones:

Bored of sitting around waiting for your asteroids to tether? Wanna be a flyby tethererrer? Well, this arti reduces the amount of time it takes to tether an asteroid by 75%! Woo!

Ever collected your salvaged tech and wished you could squeeze a bit more out of 'em? This nifty lil thing will mean that any destroyed ships that drop salvaged tech will drop double the amount.

Other arties in this month's promo:
ship weapon range, ship weapon falloff, ship voidgate hopper, stationlink, deepspace delivery, ship illusion, ship free voidgate, ship message beacon as well as chances for random ones from all our existing artifacts!

We also have a whole heap of new items:

A stasis orb
Drop this voidy little floating orb in a room owned by you (Ship, hab, shop) and it will cause all decaying furniture, art and props to go into stasis, as well as any future additions (while they are in the room with the stasis orb).

A baby frost salamander
With the imminent release of a huge new area, we thought we'd give you all a glimpse of things to come with some Paperweight themed items, the first of which is this cute little critter. This one is particularly fond of snow cones, marshmallows and snowballs, and is full of chirps, grumpy little huffs and pitter-pattering little feetsies.

An enormous frost salamander costume
A huge salamander costume because... why not. You can even play matchy matchy with your new little baby salamander pal! This particular costume also prevents you from feeling the cold or being slowed down on ice or snow, so it's extra handy! (Don't worry, we're also going to be adding in some marks items that do the same, and an arti for those who don't want to wear the snazzy snow gear, but these new features aren't intended as PvP tools, just immersive thematics - so we're not going to paywall the solution to them! We're staunchly against pay to win here!)

A practice fishing toy
This practice fishing hole is a mechanical construction meant to allow spacers to practice their fishing techniques without the need to be by the water, enabling them to can cast an included practice line into the toy to test distance and practice reeling in the line. No aquatic creatures have been or will be harmed in the production or future use of this toy.

A Leviathan snowmobile
Look, we've all seen a snowmobile before. We know what we're dealing with here. This one is titanium with auradine blue neon lights on it and a hocavi leather seat. This sleek vehicle goes over snowy terrain as fast as any bike can over pavement, making sure that you're not inconvenienced by the elements in your travels, and looks rad while doing it.

A Paperweight issue of The Galactic Pilot
This zine has FOUR sets of ship customization options to unlock. So get collecting!
Unlockable shipcusts are:
COLORS: Aphotic Grey, Cinyrian Mauve, Auradine Blue, Belfiric Yellow
PATTERNS: Snowfrost, Battlescarred, Many-eyed, Shimmering Aes-Uulvi Aurora
WINGS: Avian, Frond-like, Anhedral, Dihedral
FINISHES: Crystalline, Frosted, Auroral, Relucent
DECALS: A many-eyed black bird, The Aes-Uulvi Aurora, The twin dwarf binaries of Paperweight, The insignia of the Twice-Departed
SHAPES: Raftlike, Arklike, Otherworldly, Symmetrical and Sleek

A Tundra Living issue of Downhome Spacer
The latest issue of Downhome Spacer magazine - this time, a special edition all about undra living, featuring a whole new set of geneclinic customization options, which include:
Amaian - Hazel, Arctic white, Weathered, Feathered
Decheeran - Almond shaped, Mud-painted, Weathered, Adorned with feathers and bones
Elgan - Almond shaped, Bone-pierced, Weathered
Human - Almond shaped, Braided with feathers and bones, Weathered
Jin - Hazel, Braided with feathers and bones, Weathered, Mud-painted
Krona - Almond shaped, Braided with feathers and bones, Weathered, Mud-painted
Nath-el - Pale blue, Feathery, Feathery and moth-like, Fluffy white
Nusriza - Hazel, Crystalline, Bone-adorned, Braided with feathers and bones
Ry'nari - Hazel, Crystalline, Bone-adorned, Mud-painted
Shen (f) - Hazel, Mud-painted, Weathered, Braided with feathers and bones
Shen (m) - Hazel, Mud-painted, Weathered, Bone-adorned
Shen (nb) - Hazel, Mud-painted, Weathered
Tukkav - Pale blue, Weathered, Mud painted, Braided with feathers and bones
W'hoorn - Hazel, Mud-painted, Braided with feathers and bones, Strung with trinkets and bones

AS WELL AS ALL THIS... we have: stasis fields, experimental matter reorganizers, atomic matter articulators, destroyer's broadcasters, random room unlocks, mildly interesting things, collectible card packets, spatial definition devices, meditation cushions, marks, credits, lessons and more!

Mission control has been updated with this month's prizes, but the only way for now to get batteries is to complete your xenozoo bounty every day.

Enjoy, space cadets! I looks forward to you all hosting rainbow parties soon!

Love and salamanders,

Damiel <3
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