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Announcements post #360: Socket to me.

From: Neritus
Subject: Socket to me.

Hello Sector!

We're clearing out a big to-do today: augmentation chips have been REFACTORED! As many of you are aware, chips have been clogging up inventories, the promo market, and the server for far too long. Chips are nevertheless an important part of speeding along progress in the game, and as an additional revenue stream for hunting after MIL 75. So it was high time for them to be looked at.

All handling of chips is now done via the CHIP command, though you can still use SOCKET <chip> instead of CHIP SOCKET <chip>. The effects of chips have not changed at all.

Chips are no longer real items in your inventory and are no longer on promo market (huzzah!). You can see the chips you own with CHIP LIST and view active chip effects with CHIP SHOW. All chip items have been deleted and replaced in the new systems, including chips that were previously on the promo market, not in your inventory, etc.

Now for the new stuff... CHIP TRADEIN <chip> FOR <chip> will trade one chip type in for another chip type, at various ratios visible in CHIP TRADEIN INFO.

CHIP MARKET will show a summary of the brand new chip market, and CHIP MARKET <chip> will view listings for a particular chip.

The chip market works a little bit differently than other markets in the game, taking a "set it and forget it" approach that lets you set the price for your chips once and never worry again.

CHIP SELL <chip> FOR <price> will set the price that you'll sell that type of chip for on the market. CHIP REMOVE <chip> will clear the price to no longer sell it. Doing this will sell ALL the chips you have, FOREVER, even if you run out of chips and then get more later on. To reserve some chips for personal use, use CHIP RESERVE <#> <chip>. Thus if you have 50 experience augmentation chips and do CHIP RESERVE 10 XP followed by CHIP SELL XP FOR 20000, you will forever sell experience chips on market, but always retain 10 of them in reserve; 40 chips will go on the market immediately, and more will automatically go on the market if you accumulate more.

CHIP BUY <#> <chip> AT <price> works just like MARKET BUY: it will attempt to purchase all the chips it can up to the stated quantity at the stated maximum price, buying from the cheapest offers first at prices lower than the stated price if applicable.

That's it!

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