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Announcements post #359: Age of Machines, Part Two.

From: Neritus
Subject: Age of Machines, Part Two.

Greetings Sector,

Last week we introduced mobs with PvP capabilities. This week, we do the very same for ships.

Mob ships are now capable of using all the very same weapons as you. They can fire missiles, shoot cannons, lasers, turrets (rotating arcs and all), slicekits, jammers, and interdiction beams. They can even launch webs.

With this, Space has become just a wee bit more dangerous with the arrival of a new difficulty level for Incursions: the Fleet difficulty. There is currently only max 1 Fleet incursion at a time. In this challenging incursion you will face a mix of ships and organics. The ships come in various sizes armed with a full array of weaponry. Fleet incursions are intended to be suitable for group content: In order to survive the continuous onslaught of a Fleet Incursion it's expected that you have at least 2 well-fit Cruisers or Battleships. But I am sure the more daring pilots among you will find a way to solo them.

Fleet incursions drop a lot of junk, and have double the chance of dropping salvaged tech.

Along with the above, we've made a rather large number of small tweaks to existing incursions. The tweaks are too great in number to list here, but we've tuned the dials in an effort to balance the risk and reward across the various types of Hard and Legendary Incursions.

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