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Announcements post #357: Sexbots, blood bonds, spin the bottle...

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Sexbots, blood bonds, spin the bottle...

Lovers and Fighters,

This month's promo refresh is quite the stonker if I do say so myself.

Firstly... I've put mission control batteries back on the website, if any of you prefer that, and the flavor messages for mission control now have an amorous theme, too!

Love letters are still on sale though, and I'm LOVING how popular they've been! Not long until they're gone for another year, so get 'em while you can.


We have 4 new prizes for you all... I'll do them biggest first.

This one's quite special. It comes in the form of a bodymod, which activates an inbuilt artifact (bhrk_blood_bond) when installed (MODIFICATION INSTALL BLOODBOND). Once installed it'll unlock the BOND syntax menu for you:
BOND LINK - The first thing you need to do. Linking will deposit another
implant in the inventory of your chose bonded partner. Both
implants need to be installed in order for the arties to work.
BOND LEND - Give 10% of your health to your bonded partner. 10min cooldown.
BOND RESCUE - Open a wormhole and pull your bonded partner to you. Requires
consent from them. 5sec channel and 1hr cooldown.
BOND LOOK - See what they see for a moment.
BOND TOUCH - Let them know you're thinking of them.

2) An AmorMe sexbot.
Yep, it's a sex bot. It also does cuddles and kisses. It will initialize with a random race, build and gender, which you can reroll up to 3 times - but after that you'll have to customize it if you want it to look different! PUSH to activate.

3) A spin the bottle toy.
Ah yes, an actual prop for all those drunken nights in Lamentations. Spin the bottle with 3+ people in the room for a hilarious party game!

4) A small purple charm trunk.
This little trunk is fashioned to look like an old-style steamer trunk, but like... little. It holds the full selection of 100 charms that are available from the current promo (by sending/forwarding 'spread the love' letters, or by opening small velvet jewelry boxes). It will only accept one of each kind, and tells you how many you have. A full list will also follow shortly in HELP CHARMS.

As well as new promo items, we've also added about 40 more charms, to round the total up to 100, and if you fill your trunk up completely there's a special title at the end!

AND we've done a restock and tidy-up of the Amory shop. NEW STOCK INCLUDES:
- A lightweight pink flogger
- A black leather flogger
- Lots of types of yummy wine
- 2 new types of giftwrap
- A new and exclusive fishie (a lovestruck goobler!)


Dami <3
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