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Announcements post #355: New Reynolds bar - now open!

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: New Reynolds bar - now open!

As you may have just seen in the IC post by Benny Nebula (yes, that's Benny), the brand Hangar On Bar is open at Reynolds Spaceport.

The whole thing was designed by players, in a player-voted contest run by Scatterhome and with the help of Saio last year. The winner was Niko Exo but she also really wanted to incorporate a lot of aspects of the other entries, so we did!

A big thank you to all the entrants and a big congratulations to everyone who had a hand in bringing this to life: Bugbo, Shulamit Moonchild, Holgorath V'lani, Nathaniel Warren, Marcella, Zarrach Merzavetz, Sabika Ironbound and Afesotinuilar Matari.

There's a new bouncer, two new lovely bartenders, a new feracht and even some more hedonistic substances down in the downstairs room supplied by YET ANOTHER of those questionable Matari types.

Be sure to go check it out!

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