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Announcements post #351: Love month is consent month.

From: Neritus
Subject: Love month is consent month.

(Except every month is love month and every month is also consent month)

Hi Sector,

Ever been targeted with premotes that have you doing something your character wouldn't do? Is your character too socially aloof they wouldn't even know what a highfive is if someone raised their hand for one? Do you want to be asked before someone kisses you passionately?

Prefabricated emotes that involve some element of reciprocity or sexually explicit actions now require an AGREE unless the target has previously CONSENTed to you specifically. CONSENT is a command that works like ALLY or ENEMY. You can alternatively do CONFIG OPTOUTCONSENT ON.

We've gone through and flagged a bunch of premotes as "requiring consent." We may have missed some where it probably should be there, or put it accidentally where it shouldn't, so let us know.

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