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Major Nexus Update Coming

We're finally ready to give a sneak peek at our next project. Our team has spent the last year rewriting Nexus from the ground up. The new version will include several exciting features. Read on and learn what to expect and check out a few screenshots to see how things are progressing.

Here is the shortlist of the new features:
  • Mobile, stand-alone versions of the client for Android and iOS. 
  • A stand-alone desktop version. No need to play in your browser.
  • Edit settings while not logged into your character.
  • Add characters to the client to easily manage them.
  • Auto-login options. Especially handy on mobile.
  • Add and play third-party games to the client. Yes, you will be able to play almost any MUD from the Nexus client. 
  • Settings save on the cloud across all clients. Edit your settings on the desktop version and use them in the mobile app.
  • All IRE games can be played in a single client. 
  • The client is faster and more responsive.  
  • Settings from your current characters are automatically ported to the new client. They are stored separately, so don't worry about corrupting your setups in the current version of Nexus.
Here is a link to a few screenshots:

We will be releasing the browser, desktop, and android versions within the next few weeks for you to start experimenting with. The iOS version is about ready as well, we just have to finish jumping through the hoops to get it listed.
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