Announcements post #335: More changes to sitting/lying.

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From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: More changes to sitting/lying.

Hello again all!

I've made a few more changes to sitting and lying.

- You can now see current visible pose in LOOK text, whether that's LOOK ME or LOOK <name>.

- You can now add up to two descriptors to your seated or lying pose using SIT/LIE ON/IN/AT <item/ground> <verb> <adjective>. E.g. If I wanted to lie in 'a bubbling jacuzzi' I could do: LIE IN JACUZZI FLOATING SERENELY would display to the room as "Damiel is here, floating serenely in a bubbling jacuzzi"

- If you use these descriptors, you will now get a line telling you how it will look. If not, it will be the same as before - but you can check how you're currently appearing in the room by using LOOK ME.

- The description will be removed when you stand up.

- You should now automatically stand up when disembarking from a ship if you're sitting down.

- You can no longer sit or lie down whilst flying.

Have fun!

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