Announcements post #333: Xenohunt Winners!

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From: Feracht Whisperer Soren
Subject: Xenohunt Winners!

Hey folks,

The xenohunt is now over and the winners have been awarded with their credits, titles, and honors if applicable! The top hunter in each category was:

1-50 - Finisterre Matari
50-74 - Plagho Silk
75+ - Morgan + Holgorath V'lani (a tie)

Well done to all of you!

A little note that this the *last* time a tied result will result in two winners - next time, a tie will mean that whoever is #1 on the leaderboard gets the honors line and the person in #2 just gets the rewards for second place! This is because if we keep allowing people to tie it could result in situations of abuse. This wasn't one of those situations, but we have to keep an eye out for future possibilities - I'm imagining everyone getting exactly 12 points and then going to sip margaritas for the rest of the hunt.

Thank you all for your hard work and effort and I hope you had fun! Keep an eye out for the upcoming post on the New Years Commendations.

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