Announcements post #331: January is WHEELY GOOD!

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From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: January is WHEELY GOOD!

Hello spacers!

Firstly, I meant to put this into the announce about the newbie challenge but I forgot...
I wanted to just let you know that we have a referral system in case you wanted to bring your friends along to play. It's the ideal time right now with the Xenohunt and Newbie challenge, and for every friend you refer, you'll get a credit, plus a 10% referrers reward on everything they ever spend on any IRE game! See HELP REFERRALS for more info!

Aaaaaaand... Finally, we have a promo refresh!

We have some awesome new things on offer this month, (including my personal favorite promo item I have ever made!)

This month, we're welcoming back the Worldbreaker's Wheel.

There are four wheels scattered across the sector, (They're in the main bars!) where try your luck at spinning the wheel!

There are two ways of spinning - you'll be able to spin it once for free every RL Day, after you've been online for 60 minutes.

Additionally, the big prizes are available through the use of star-stamped tokens, which entitle the owner to spin for a greater prize pool! Star-stamped tokens are available in one of three ways:
- Direct purchase on the website ( - under "Artifact packages)
- As a bonus for every 100 credits purchased off the website (buy 100cr, get 1 token, buy 500cr, get 5).
- From the free wheel spins (very rarely)

In the token spins, you'll be able to win some BRAND NEW items:
- A "Help Wanted" holoposter
To use this item you just need to DROP it in one of two special locations.
1) If you have a player shop, you can drop it there to attract applications from up to 11 NPC applicants. You'll get messages when people apply, and can check on your list of applicants by using TELL JOBCENTERBOT LIST. You can then choose to employ one of them, and they will forevermore be your very own shop NPC! Once appointed, the shop NPC can tell you the latest design fads and reward you for making them, and they will also cause your shop to make passive sales to Starmourn denizens at random (only while you are logged in).
2) If you don't have a player shop, or you already have an NPC, these posters can be dropped in a docking bay or a manufacturing office where they will stay for 8 hours. During these 8 hours your manufacturing speed will be doubled at all refineries and autofactories in that location (with the influx of temporary workers, obvs). You can have a max of 3 manufacturing posters displayed at any time.

- A cheerful metal watering can
With the assistance of this cutting edge technology (in an adorably quaint package) you can WATER <plantpot/planter etc> and see your seeds germinate instantly! OR they will cause an already plucked houseplant to repopulate with fruit/flowers! Just ensure it's in your inventory and WATER <thing>.

- A personal sized sunloft humidor
Cigarettes too plebeian for you? Well how about a cigar from the diamond belt?! These cigars are just the right finishing touch for any intergalactic bigshot. PUSH HUMIDOR every day for a super fancy cigar.

- a glowing star-shaped throat mic
Our second ever bodymod artifact! MODIFICATION INSTALL THROATMIC to get DOUBLE xp and tips from individual performances at concert venues (that's the rehearsals you do using PERFORMANCE PERFORM) - also features random color changing emotes and just makes you look like a superstar... so, yeah.

- Artifact: Deepness Direct (bounty_anywhere)
Allows bounty hunters to access the bounty list from anywhere, no hacking required! Also allows non-bounty-hunters to become a bounty hunter without a trip to Tranquility Deepness.

- Artifact: Deep Space Market Drones (deepspace_market)
Allows you to MARKET BUY from your home station (or Omni for factionless) anywhere in space. Prioritises the station you're on if docked, like usual, but if you're caught short at that cosmpiercer or in that incursion, you can now buy from your faction mates rather than throwing money at Crazy Jerry!


- Artifacts ranging from 50 - 800 credits including:
- Up to 350 lessons
- Unbound credits in groups up to 200.
- Random minipets, genekits, shipcust zines, fish, items and vehicles!
- Articulators (for free item customization), stinkbombs, fieworks and more...

In the free spins, you'll be able to win:
- XP, Captaincy, and Hacking buffs.
- Marks
- Lessons
- Item mods
- Mod crates
- Comms devices
- Missioncontrol missiles and batteries
- Star-stamped tokens (for the very lucky)!

Please see HELP WORLDBREAKERSWHEEL for more details on the location and use of the wheels!

As always, keep bugging any problems you may find, it's all incredibly helpful! And please do spread the word if you like what we're doing here! We love youuuuu.

Have fun you crazy ferachts!

Damiel <3
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