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From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew

Newbie Challenge
New characters this month are invited to take part in the return of the NEWBIE CHALLENGE, to be rewarded with 750 credits!

The criteria are as follows: In your first 30 days of creation, you must -
Complete ONE of the following:
- Attain Level 75
- Attain Admiral 1 in Captaincy (Level 50)
- Attain Level 19 in Hacking
Complete FOUR of the following:
- Deliver, crush, or compress 60 asteroids or gas.
- Counts up 1 for each time you REFINERY <id> QUEUE ASTEROID/GAS, else it will count up 1 time for every 5 raw materials you've crushed or compressed in an Ore Crusher or Gas Compressor.
- Participate in 25 Cosmpiercer assaults or Arena events (duels/spars count,
but only one per day!)
- Establish a modding WORKSHOP and invest a total of 3000 research credits.
- Harvest 100 Ta-Deth crystals from caches
- Form a band and achieve a popularity of 25 (it must be a new band, you can form a new band together, but the founder of the band must also be eligible for the challenge).
- Complete 75 unique quests
- Complete the main quest
Eligible players can type NEWBIECHALLENGE at any time to track their progress.

New Hardcore characters are also welcome to participate, and they have the extra advantage that their winnings will roll over into their Hardcore Credit Pool for their next character. Who knows, maybe we'll get some Hardcore players completing the challenge multiple times within the month!
To kick this off, we also have a Double XP Xenohunt!

What's a Xenohunt, you ask? It's Starmourn's version of the Great Hunt, which you might be familiar with from other IRE games.
It means that the following things are now in effect:
- Double XP for hunting
- Double junk marks cap
- Each mob you kill that would grant you experience will grant you a number of points based on its level. Collect points and climb up on the XENOHUNT RANKINGS. There are 3 brackets/tiers:
* below level 50
* levels 50-74
* levels 75 and onwards
If you enter a new bracket during the hunt, you will be ranked according to the new bracket. It is -not allowed- to manipulate your xp to go down in brackets in order to rank in a different bracket. Offenders will be disqualified from the Xenohunt. Once you reach level 75, it is unlikely that you will be ranked in the 50-74, even if you go down in level (see the next section for why)
- At the end of the Xenohunt, the top 6 players in each bracket will receive credit prizes:
1st: 300cr
2nd: 250cr
3rd: 200cr
4th: 150cr
5th: 100cr
6th: 50cr
The winner of each bracket will also get an honors line! That's obviously the real prize
- Also, simply by participating, you can win some prizes, by reaching the following point thresholds
100 Points = 5 Bound Credits
750 Points = 10 Bound Credits
2500 Points = 15 Bound Credits
- At any time you may use the XENOHUNT command to check out your score and see the current rankings. There's also HELP XENOHUNT (which is basically just this email!)
Good luck everyone! Have fun!

The Xenohunt will be active from now until just before Sync rolls over to Monday. In other words, 00:00 UTC Wednesday January 5th until 11:59 UTC on Sunday, January 9th.


Have funnnnnn

Dami <3
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