Announcements post #329: Winterflame Rewards!

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From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Winterflame Rewards!

Hello everyone!

Winterflame is now sadly over for this year, the workers are busily packing away for the next one, filled with grog and dahliano poppers.

Many of you worked extra hard this year for Guss and the crew, with the highest score being 203 jobs completed throughout the month! Wow!

As promised, we have some lovely rewards for you all, and the number of gifts you receive will depend on the number of jobs you completed. They accumulate, so you'll get all the gifts for the below tiers, too. The items are as follows:

1 - 20
Anyone who completed any jobs at all will receive a special limited edition Winterflame Staff shirt for this year!

21 - 40
If you did over 20 jobs, you'll also receive your very own miniature conifer and a special ornament box which will give you a selection of ornaments with which to adorn your tree. There are 6 new ones in the mix this year! PUT ORNAMENT IN CONIFER to adorn your tree with the baubles.

41 - 60
In addition to the lower tier gifts, you'll receive a special limited edition "Winterflame Friends" plushie if you did more than 40 jobs! NOT made by hugtech, these little guys are handcrafted in the Winterflame Area. TOUCH them to find out more about them, PUSH them to gift them to a friend. Or... what would happen if you gave a plushie to Rohna, hmm? (Spoiler: You may swap up to 3 plushies with Rohna to get different Winterflame toys!)

61 - 80
If you did more than 60 jobs, you get to take home your very own super rare fishie - a Tosmarian icefish!

81 - 100
As an extra special reward for doing more than 80 jobs throughout Winterflame, Rohna will give you your very own pet snowaul, a huge white bird native to Tosmar, ready trained to make deliveries for you and to come when you call! (TELL <aul> COME, to summon it from afar, and TELL <aul> DELIVER <item> TO <NAME> to deliver things. Auls may only deliver items up to 'medium' mass, and you can only summon/deliver if they're in an actual room, not in your inventory. Check where all loyals are with LOYALS LIST.)

Those who have done more than 100 jobs at Winterflame this year will also get the "Firekeeper" title, AND your very own festive vintage tricycle to ride around on. It plays Winterflame songs, it shoots fireworks out of its ice melting sparklethrowers, AND you can ride it indoors! What more could you ask for?! (DROP TRIKE to start with, and then you can interact with it using the VEHICLE syntax menu. Activate the music using TOUCH and share the joy with PUSH!)

To claim your rewards, just go visit Rohna at Omni Station, and she shall bestow your gifts! Hurrah!

The Winterflame area is now closed until next time, but thank you all very much for making the season flamey, wintery and wonderful!

Best wishes for 2022!

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