Announcements post #328: New Year Honors - Voting Open!

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From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: New Year Honors - Voting Open!

Hi everyone,

The nominations for the first annual Starmourn New Year Commendations are up and open for voting! Woo!
It's very simple... to vote, just take a look at REFERENDUMS!

- You will only be able to vote once on your account. So no making 20 alts just to vote for someone.
- There is an activity checker, so you'll only be able to vote if you've been active recently.
- No additional modifiers like influence are involved in this vote, so 1 vote = 1 vote.
- The referendums will all be open for 1 week for players to vote on their picks for each category. So it will close on January 8th 2022 at 9pm UTC ( )

We had so many lovely comments and additional categories that we've also decided to reserve a few of the 'write-in' categories for "Special mentions" in the results post, rather than adding them to the votes. All the comments and loveliness will be added to the results and posted in around a week, after voting closes.

(Here's a dry, but important bit...)
Voting on public referendums is an OOC act, unless for some reason we state otherwise. This whole thing is OOC and a way to recognise some of our most dedicated and amazing players!
- Any mention of the voting in IC settings is inappropriate - we may arrange some kind of IC awards ceremony after it's all done, but it's not something your characters know about in advance - we'll worry about making it lore appropriate at that time!
- Any solicitation for votes for your entry may result in a 10% reduction in your total or even disqualification from the contest, depending on the situation.
We ALL want this to be fair and full of warm and fuzzies. So attempting to circumvent or twist these rules would be very poor showmanship, which I am sure none of you would do!

Enjoy, Starmourners, and share the love!

Damiel <3
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