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Announcements post #322: Promo refresh and the Floating Flameday Market!

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Promo refresh and the Floating Flameday Market!

Helloooo my little void imps!

Here's your mid-month promo refresh and some brand new content for Winterflame! Woooo!

The anniversary presents are no more, but we have a lot more goodies in store for you this month...

The Floating Market does Winterflame!
If you visit the Winterflame area, you may notice some familiar faces from the Floating Market (and a couple of other familiar NPCs!), hawking their wares! Yes that's right, in true festive style we now have a winter market in Tosmar.

This time around the vendors will be selling a limited stock list of special festive items, with a few fancy promo items in stock for both credits and marks! So be sure to check it out.

There's also a brand new quest, is there some romance in the air?

The storytellers have worked their little stockings off on this, so please show them all some well deserved love!

Promo refresh
Yes, that's right... we're stuffing your giftcatchers with even more fun stuff, so treat yourself, or your lovely friends and families, to a sack full of the good stuff! New items are as follows:

A cozy amphibian den - What might be living in here, I wonder?
A handmade white drawstring bag - Want an unlimited supply of marshmallows for toasting? Here's your chance!
A Winterflame themed HugTech costume carrier - A random costume - flameday style! (Quite literally, in some cases).
A shiny new karaffee machine - Karaffee on tap - what more could you want?
A box of merry Winterflame decorations - Merry up the place with these festive decorations!
A festive gift box of preserved snow - Open this box for a sparkly snow-kissed effect that shows in your description, any time of the year! (has 3 charges)
A crystal clear bottle set on a pedestal - A ship in a bottle, space style! PUSH this bottle whilst on a ship to create a perfect scale model of the ship for display or collecting!
A sturdy conifer wood slingshot - Ever wanted to hit your friend in the groin with a snowball from the next room? Now you can!
A can of Sparkle Spray - Sparkle up your life with this snazzy can of glitter spray - set it to different colors or spray with all of them! SPARKLE <me/name> to anoint yourself or someone else with sparkles. LET THE SPARKLE WARS BEGIN!

Finally, a brand new arti!...
Habitation Return (hab_return) allows you to HABITATION RETURN once every 3 hours, to return directly to the entrance hall of a linked hab (owned by you or your dynasty).

Have fun everyone!

Damiel <3
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