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Announcements post #318: Hab yourself a merry little Winterflame.

From: Neritus
Subject: Hab yourself a merry little Winterflame.

Title pun credit: Damiel

Hello everyone!

We will be with you shortly with another announcement detailing Winterflame festivities in the Starmourn Sector. But first up, I'm excited today to unveil a project that's been long in the works: Habitations and Real Estate. Habitations are houses, essentially, that work in a manner similar to ship refitting, and Real Estate lets you buy and sell them.

The details of the systems can be found in HELP HABITATIONS and HELP REALESTATE. Suffice it to say that you can now purchase homes for bound credits at a wide range of prices (affordable for small, humble homes, egregious if you simply must have a Diamond Belt palace). Habitations are organized into habitation blocks, rooms where you can purchase and enter your habitations, which are scattered across the Sector. See HABITATION BLOCKS for a list! The upfront credit cost will let you build a maximum number of rooms in the habitation, which varies depending on the habitation block. Some blocks are cramped and can only accomodate very small homes. Other blocks will allow you to build your sprawling 50 room palace for one upfront credit fee.

Budding interior designers and architects take note! REALESTATE will let you buy and sell habitations. Unlike ship brokerage, with realestate, all items such as art and furnishings will remain in place after a habitation transfers hands. This means you can have your open houses and sell your fully-furnished, fully-decorated habitations, maybe for more than you bought it? Well, that's for you all to enjoy and roleplay for yourselves.

There are various improvements made to the building system in habitations not present (yet) in ship refitting, such as the ability to reassign which room should be the entrance room.

Dynasties with the "Estate" perk can be designated habitations via HABITATION DESIGNATE DYNASTY. Once the habitation owner has done this, anyone with the "Habitation" role in the dynasty will be able to build, destroy, and redescribe rooms.

That's all for me, for now. Big shout out to our Storyteller and mortal builder team for all their work writing the default descriptions for all 74 new room types. I hope you enjoy your humble (or not-so-humble) homes and find them a nice, cozy home for the Winterflame season.


P.S. Shipmodding Soon I promise!
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