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Announcements post #316: Customization Requests.

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Customization Requests.

Hello hello!

As you may be aware, we're now a team of very few resources and have been trying to find new ways to streamline the basic processes that can be automated, so that Neritus and myself can focus on bringing you lovely tasty content, more intuitive systems and game enhancing fixes etc.

One of the things I've wanted to have for ages is a way for item customizations to check for credits and atomic matter articulators when you actually submit, rather than only producers being able to do it because it involves handling credits and such. And today I have done just that!

From now on, if you submit an item customization you need to make sure that you have your atomic matter articulator(s) in your inventory if you wish to use it/them as payment or part payment, as the system will check for those first. Then if there's any remaining balance it will check for bound credits and take those. You won't be able to submit your requests without some way of paying for the basic customizations.

If you are requesting something of higher value than the basic options, then as usual, please note this in your comments so that I can take the extra credits manually and complete it that way. One day maybe we'll have all the options there, but this is a big help to start with.

If for whatever reason we reject your submission, these things will all be refunded/returned to you.

Junk requests already to this, and Class customization requests will remain the same for the time being, but those will also change over when I have the capacity to do the work on it!

This mainly means that for the vast majority of customization requests, not only will it be a lot easier for us producers, our storytellers will be able to complete and approve them for you, too.

As usual, any bugs, please BUG them, or burning questions or problems please submit an ISSUE.

The help file isn't updated yet but it will be soon!

Damiel <3
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