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Announcements post #309: A Walk To November.

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: A Walk To November.

Hello everyone,

As you may be aware, since Neritus and I took over as producers in June, we have been trying to prioritise developing actual content and events for Starmourn, rather than just pushing promo after promo. Neither of us is paid anywhere near full time wages for our roles here, so in the interests of self-care and in order for us to stay motivated and most of all enjoying this game that we're all so passionate about, we want to put in place some sustainable changes that enable us to focus on what's most important to the game - content, mechanics and most of all, player enjoyment!

Because of this, we're streamlining how our promos work even more. You will now find that a lot of the things you might win on mission control are available around the world with credit prices attached to them. These are bought with bound credits only, and are available whenever you feel like buying them! There are credit shops at each of the faction stations and Omni selling the following items to begin with:

-----------------------------------< Wares >-----------------------------------
Item Description Price #
-- Utility --------------------------------------------------------------------
tether139302 a metaphysical tether 50cr 100
139252 a suspended decay facilitator 50cr 100
thing122720 a mildly interesting thing 50cr 100
stamp134952 a stamp of authenticity 100cr 100
-- Ships ----------------------------------------------------------------------
chip134696 a transponder registration chip 50cr 100
140975 an experimental matter reorganizer 30cr 100
device133317 a spatial definition device 30cr 100
148020 a destroyer's broadcaster 50cr 100
-- Chips ----------------------------------------------------------------------
chip140223 an experience augmentation chip 25cr 100
chip140199 a hacking experience augmentation chip 25cr 100
chip140203 a captaincy experience augmentation chip 25cr 100
chip111401 a lifeforce augmentation chip 20cr 100
chip111436 a strength augmentation chip 20cr 100
chip112002 a regeneration augmentation chip 20cr 100
chip113692 a psyche augmentation chip 20cr 100
chip116840 an evasion augmentation chip 20cr 100
chip116877 an aim augmentation chip 20cr 100
chip141245 an agility augmentation chip 20cr 100
chip141280 a techcraft augmentation chip 20cr 100
-- Collectibles ---------------------------------------------------------------
card123295 a collectible card packet 20cr 100
card133670 a premium card packet 40cr 100
-- Preservation ---------------------------------------------------------------
album134502 a holocard album 50cr 100
vase134499 a simple vase 50cr 100
frame134437 an empty holo-formed picture frame 25cr 100
135687 a humming food preservation unit 50cr 100
135839 a botanical dehydrator 30cr 100

We're also going to be adding all of the standard promo pets to the pet shops of the sector, as well as creating some vehicle dealerships where you'll be able to buy hoverbikes and rovers etc. We've actually already started this, so keep your eyes peeled for credit items in NPC shops!

Because there's been so much going on this month, and we have these changes, we don't have a big load of new things for you on mission control, but you will notice that it's changed a little! The prizes you'll see now will be the standard basics, and when we have special themes and events, the items will be added in. The 'Random exciting promo item' draws from a pool of all the promo items we've had (apart from items covered in the other 'random' prizes).

We're really hoping this will mean that Neri and I will have more time to actually develop the game, and that you all will still want to buy stuff, be it mission control batteries, chips in the credit shop, pets, customizations or anything else. We still very much rely on the income to keep the game running, and one day we'd love for it to be a big success in every respect - and we really believe it can be.

If you have any other requests for the credit shops, please let me know.

Please bear in mind that we're basically paid for 10% of the hours we tend to do - so if it takes a little while for us to get to your bug or issue, we're working our little butts off to try to get everything done as soon as we can - we want you all to be happy and excited to play!

The big things this month will be an auction (to follow!) and shipmodding is on its way... so stay tuned and thank you all for your support. We loooooove you allllll <3



  • Good plan! I certainly appreciate the work you both (and others) have been putting in.

    You should put a tradein value on the Augmentation Chips... (I may have, err, 'a few' of these lying about..)

    But I think you need to boost the chip benefits a bit so they are actually worth that credit value. I sell the experience chips sporadically at 19,000 marks each (about 5 credits) and the stat ones rarely sell even priced at 1000 or 2000 marks each.

    Suggestion for the stat chips, would be to make them scaling, add a percentage boost to the effective stats, +5% at least. With maxed out stats I get virtually no benefit (other than from lifeforce), eg maxed strength (250 assigned, 5 faction, 64 arti) I get 365 effective, with strength chip takes it to 374 effective, a 2.4% boost to the melee damage factor. With most damage coming from the weapon (from what I understand), the additional strength factor of 2.4% would not make any noticeable difference to the end damage, or not worth 20cr every 3 hrs at least.

    For the experience chips, boost the xp rate ??
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