Announcements post #302: Recommended Playtime on Sunday!

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From: Feracht Whisperer Soren
Subject: Recommended Playtime on Sunday!

Hey folks,

Just a note that there will be a recommended RP time on Sunday!

11 AM Pacific / 12 PM Mountain / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern / 7 PM BST is when we're shooting for!

Go here to find out what time it'll be in your time zone:

If you can't make it or can't make it exactly on time, the event won't be an all or nothing thing and it will be ongoing afterwards!

Hope to see you then!

PS: You may also want to check Flogger! (TELL FLOGGER HELP or TELL FLOGGER READ) We try to have enough staff on board to make sure to properly spread our resources around the factions re: information to get everyone involved, but it's not always easy. When an event happens in one faction's territory, it's much easier to sell that event to that faction, especially when there's just a few of us on event duty and we're all multitasking. Check Flogger, people!

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