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Announcements post #298: Inventory Management.

From: World Engineer Senzei
Subject: Inventory Management.

Hello Starmourners!

I have just implemented one of our most requested features for inventory management. The dot syntax! There was discussion on whether to use pre or post syntax, but in the end I just decided to implement both.

TAKE, DROP and related commands should work normally if you want to use them in the normal way, but you may now use arguments.

Want to get the 3rd of an item in the room? 3.<item> and <item>.3 will both take the third item specifically. You can also always seek the last item using last.<item> or <item>.last.

So for summary:
You can now use <LAST|#>.<item> and <item>.<LAST|#>. Lower case the "last"!

If there are issues, I will be online and visible to let me know!

- Senzei


  • This was my Winterflame wish, and it came trueeeeee <33333
  • Can we also have REMOVE/UNWIELD default to items that are currently actually worn/wielded? Right now if you WEAR 2.MASK, and then REMOVE MASK it will target the first mask in your inventory overall (1.mask) and give an error message. 
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