Announcements post #296: New prizes in Missioncontrol!

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From: Blaster Master Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: New prizes in Missioncontrol!

Hellooooo Starmourn Sectoooor!

Here's our (slightly delayed) promo refresh for the month. We have two brand new arties and five brand new promo items for your delectation, and we've only got 10 days with these new beauties so better get your hoverskates on if you want to get your hands on them!

We have a small heap of brand new and super brilliant items and customizations.
- Ever wanted a pet rockhopper or three to call your own? Now you can!
- Sick of travelling to Selubir for your cigarettes (or harassing Cleve Robs to send you them)? We have cigarette dispensers galore!
- How about some motivational quotes while you fly your ship? You got it!
- Love your fish so much you wanna take them for walkies? Get on our new floating SmartFish tank!
- Want your ship to look like a giant space bug or a flame-feathered jubilee? Boy, do we have the zine for you!

Without further ado, here's the actual info...

A brand new formglass rockhopper bubble
Straight from Ushu Entomologicals Inc in Marle, packaged in glossy black nanocard with neon and metallic rockhoppers dotted all over it, is this transparent and spherical bowl of formglass. No larger than the most form-fitting of archaic space helmets, it stands on a simple circular plinth of black nanoplastic and the latest in atmospheric controls for the perfect environment in which to incubate a clutch of lucky rockhopper eggs. This particular bubble comes complete with a random mystery LED lit habitat and a special packet of rockhopper eggs which proclaims to provide a chance to obtain the extremely rare and extra specially lucky 'Moonlight' rockhopper, or one of the much sought-after new neon subspecies, as well as many more shapes, colors and sizes of the sector's most prolific insectoid - said to bring good luck to any household or ship that carries one!

A decorated cigarette dispenser
Weighty and solid, this palm-sized metal box has a well-made heft to it that is typical of expensive fineries. Every part of it has been carefully put together and stylized with embellishments in a swirling decorative pattern on the front and back in blackened paristeel that stands out against the shinier gray base metal. A small button on the side can be pushed to open a small, hinged door cleverly concealed on one end, revealing a neat row of hand-rolled cigarettes within and releasing the recognizable scent of rustweed. When removed, the box seals itself shut, so that the tiny robotic mechanisms and nanite assembly array can gradually construct more over time.

A floating SmartFish tank
A translucent bubble of water that will float before you, contained within a discrete forcefield generator. It resembles a sphere the size of a bowling ball. The forcefield bubble generator has been equipped with a hover-engine (to allow it to float) and an autofeeder, which will presumably keep the creature inside of it alive and happy while it accompanies you wherever you go!

A 'VoidXeno' special issue of Asteroid Mining Weekly
The latest issue of every space miner's favorite 'zine: Asteroid Mining Weekly. This special issue also features a huge pullout segment on the dangerous pursuit of deep-space mineral extraction, profiles of void-fauna including the flame-feathered jubilee and vacuum flea, and a run-down of the best explosives to use on asteroid weak points. It also includes a sample pack of exclusive ship customizations to make your ship the finest trawler in the sector!
This issue has two sets of ship custs to collect - so make sure you get two of them if you can!

A soft red Inspirotron
The void of space can get lonely on those long mining trips - treat yourself to some much needed motivation with the Inspirotron! This round device looks as though it could be a ball of red dough and can be installed on your ship and set to a number of distinct personalities who will chivvy you along on your way across the galaxy.

We have TWO BRAND NEW ARTIES for you today:

First up we have ...

Deep asteroid survey (asteroid_deep_survey)
This artifact allows you to STATION ASTEROID SURVEY <asteroid> when at a station (or remotely with the stationlink artifact), to receive more detailed information about a surveyed high-material asteroid. Includes: type of space mob, type of ground mob and whether the asteroid contains gas or rocks!

Zero Gravity Movement (zero_grav_movespeed)
Sick of walking in the soup of space? This artifact reduces the movespeed penalty in Zero Gravity areas by 80%!

We've also added the following existing arties to the mix:

AAAAAAAND, in each grid there are three completely random artifacts. This means that if you win this prize you may get ANY artifact from the list... including omnipasses, repopulators, life support, heartstart (and all the others too... you get the idea)

And remember... there's still a BIG PRIZE every 100 shots too, the prizes we have left are:

At 500 shots: crafting_manufacturing_3
At 1000 shots: workshop_brew
At 1500 shots: a Free Class token
At 2000 shots: A Crafter's Omnipass... LET'S DO THIS!
At 2200 shots: quantum_cargo_nets

600, 800, 1200, 1400, 1600, and 1800 shots: a workshop advancement token.
700, 900, 1100, 1300, 1700, and 1900 shots: a Token of Friendship



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