TAG UR IT NO U (the next MK event, but pvp is OPTIONAL)

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Hello everyone! 

Was sharing some thoughts that things have gotten a bit slower since the last wave of new players coming in despite all the new and snazzy stuff being put in the game recently, so I was thinking of the next game/event to implement/get people involved.

Population + timing = my biggest headaches from the tourny and mournball (we still haven't played a single game yet; tho I have also not advertised it after the first couple of weeks of designing it)

SO, I was thinking of doing something that EVERYONE can get involved in- a game of tag of some sorts! Something that spans for a while IRL week or something. 

Basically would involve giving/passing objects to people like hot potato OR grabbing said objects from certain targets.
Still developing ideas for it, but essentially thinking of something like Tag + Murderer + Secret Santa + something like the Hunter's Exam from Hunter x Hunter.

As everyone should be able to play this WITHOUT being a pvp-er, I want the items to be:
Drops on Death (pvp only)
Resets if misplaced by current holder
NOT mailable

Gameplay ideas:
1) secret santa style - you have targets to get tags from or give tags to -> more goals met = more points = more prizes
2) capture the flag
3) bounties??
4) mass tag??

Very early stage and a bit all over the place as you can see, but please share your ideas! Would be open to hearing ppl's thoughts about what could work and what you'd like to see/what you think may be cool to add.

Thanks and hope to hear from you!


p.s. I'm still paying 50 credits to people who contribute class/game-system (e.g. battlebots, ship building, ship pvp, etc)  guides to Clan MK! Please send them to me for vetting before they can be posted! 
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