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Announcements post #293: Mining changes, continued.

From: Neritus
Subject: Mining changes, continued.

Hello all,

We're just getting everything with the recent mining changes plugged in here, things smoothed out, fixed, and swapped around. Also, some new stuff:

- The economic dailycredit task has been reworked for our new reality. The old method was a bit outdated, and it turns out also vulnerable to an exploit. So... Goodbye! How does it work now?

- The task now reads "Crush, compress, or refine 100 units of raw materials." This works with crushers, compressors, and *directly refining* asteroids and scooped gas. It does not work with queueing raw materials. The reasoning for this is otherwise you'd be double dipping.

- For the newbiechallenge, we are simply adding a point to the resource collection task for every 5 raw units crushed or compressed, and maintaining the old, too. The task is much easier now, but we're okay with that! If you get your hands on a crusher or compressor, you should be able to complete the task much more quickly than with directly refining scoops and asteroids!

- Captaincy is no longer gained from REFINERY <id> QUEUE <amt> <rawcomm>. It is still gained from REFINERY <id> QUEUE <ASTEROID/GAS>, and additionally is gained from crushing and compressing.

- We've put the Tether ability at Level 1 Captaincy, so all new players can tether out of the gate.

- We've significantly increased the captaincy gain in an effort to make mining a more viable career as far as XP gain is concerned.

- We've deleted the harvestdrones skill. You can just go ahead and use them without any associated skill.

- You now have a reason to install multiple harvestdrone modules. Each module can operate 6 harvestdrones, and superhaulers are treated as having 1 freely installed. The first 1-6 drones still modify the tick speed. Afterwards, for every 6 extra drones you send, you'll collect that many extra units in one go.

- Fixed a range of bugs with secondary scoops:
- Gas in your primary scoops shouldn't disappear anymore when you refine the second.
- Gas collected via harvestdrones or normal scoops should report the scoop it was collected into along with the correct scoop.
- Unfortunately short of a full rewrite it is not possible at this time to allow the secondary scoop to scoop the same commodity as the primary scoop. This should be less of a concern now with compressors anyhow, so in the interest of getting on with other stuff it was decided to leave it as is.

- REFINERY <id> QUEUE <amt> <rawcomm> should no longer claim you don't have the raw commodities when in fact you do!
- No more "Please BUG this" messages after a failed tether attempt.
- Harvestdrones will no longer create a scoop out of thin air if you try to deploy your drones with no scoops.
- Players should no longer be visible in space if they get exploded along with an asteroid.

That's all for now! I'm certain there will be some bugs with my bugfixes, so keep those bug reports coming :)

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