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Announcements post #292: It's a Hardcore No-Brainer.

From: Neritus
Subject: It's a Hardcore No-Brainer.

It's a Hardcore No-Brainer

Hi all!

The much-anticipated Hardcore No-Brainer has arrived. Here's how it works:

- As a Hardcore character, you can purchase your 2 lesson and 1 credit No-Brainer packages as always.
- On all future character, you can use the HARDCORE NOBRAINER syntax to claim the No-Brainer lessons and credits in full.
- BONUS! Hardcore characters are allowed to purchase No-Brainers on a character that's already claimed them. However, HARDCORE NOBRAINER CLAIM caps out at 2 lesson packages and 1 credit package.
- What this effectively means is that you can exceed the normal restriction and have 4 lesson packs and 2 credit packs on the same character, but the extra packs will die along with your character.

HELP HARDCORE file has been updated to reflect this! Feel free to ask questions if this explanation is unclear!

Take care,
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