Announcements post #291: A taste for the unrefined.

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Subject: A taste for the unrefined.

Hello everyone!

Two EXCITING new ship modules are live: the Ore Crusher and the Gas Compressor. These are medium-sized modules that enable the SHIP CRUSH [STOP] and SHIP COMPRESS [STOP] commands. These commands will break down tethered asteroids or siphon gas from scoops and compress it, delivering unrefined commodities to your cargohold.

With these modules, we're introducing "raw" or "unrefined" versions of all of the refined commodities. These are just like other commodities and can be stored anywhere, sold on the market, and deposited to faction storage. There is a new refinery command, REFINERY <id> QUEUE <amt> <raw comm> which will refine unrefined commodities into their refined versions, applying the miner specialization bonus at this time.

A bit more about the modules: You can fit as many of these as you'd like. The more you have, the faster it will crush/compress and the more it will crush/compress in each tick. The modules must be activated to operate.

Crushing on you,
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