Announcements post #287: So long and thanks for all the skips.

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Subject: So long and thanks for all the skips.


Captaincy tricks no longer require an active skipdrive. We are removing the skipdrive module, but have not yet got around to the finicky task of deleting all existing skipdrive modules, pulling it from the game entirely. But you can swap them out for something else and remove them from your designs entirely.

The justification is two-fold: 1) Skipdrives are so essential that they provide no meaningful choice in ship designing. You just always need one, and are constrained to it. 2) "Skip Drive" is just a generic lore terminology for the technology behind how all ships move. We're not entirely sure how or why the skip drive was introduced as a module, as all ships inherently have skip drives, or else they would not move.

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