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Announcements post #286: Back to Cool.

From: Neritus
Subject: Back to Cool.

Happy September, Starmourn

It's been a fantastic couple of months here in the Starmourn Sector. We've been working hard to make Starmourn all it can be, and this Superhauler of Great Content has just started getting going.

We're proud of how things are going, and we want to celebrate by inviting players from outside back to participate in the Newbie Challenge once again! This time around, however, we wanted to provide players with more options on how they choose to complete the challenge, to support more playstyles. So we've given it a bit of a facelift. First off, it's no longer called Challenge 75, it's just Newbie Challenge, because instead of pursuing MIL 75, you can instead pursue Admiral 1 in Captaincy or Guru in Hacking. Complete one of these three tasks, and also complete four of seven secondary tasks, which you can see in the revised HELP NEWBIECHALLENGE. New Hardcore characters are also welcome to participate, and they have the extra advantage that their winnings will roll over into their Hardcore Credit Pool for their next character. Who knows, maybe we'll get some Hardcore players completing the challenge multiple times within the month!

Last month we passed 2000 shots on Mission Control, AGAIN! Nice work. If you're not familiar with Mission Control, have a look at HELP MISSIONCONTROL. Surprise suprise, it's sticking around, and we have some new prizes on offer this month:

Workshop Return (workshop_return): Once every 3 RL hours, you can use WORKSHOP RETURN to return to your workshop after a short channel.

A takeaway box of LUCENT HyperKarafee: PULL on it to unpack three piping-hot cups of LUCENT HyperKarafee, a Totally Safe(TM) beverage for your workshop assistants. Give a cup to your assistant, and the next task you send them on will only take 8 hours instead of 16. Do note that the box itself is the promo object which can be traded in and sold on the promo market. Once you PULL it to reveal the cups, it no longer has tradein value, in light of the next artifact...

Workshop Brew (workshop_brew): Once every 16 RL hours, you can order your Manager to brew a single cup of LUCENT HyperKarafee.

An unstable Surge Crystal: An unstable crystal of mysterious origin, a Surge Crystal has the power to reshape the effects levels on a finished mod. The crystal will randomly reroll the effect levels on a mod, but maintains the total maximum effect levels of 30. There is a chance the crystal is destroyed in the process. There is also a small chance that the process destroys the mod, too, so hang on to your jumpsuits.

A spatial definition device: This handy little gadget allows you to set the room title of your ship room! At last!! Has 3 charges.

A workshop advancement token: A token of our appreciation for all you industrious modders out there, this token can be redeemed (via ISSUE at the moment, we will work on automating it) for 1000 global research credits and 10 randomized part crates.

A 'Mighty Modder-nity' special issue of MOD! Magazine: More Zines! This one contains gene clinic customizations for the modern modder!

A white nanoplastic baggie with sloppily drawn fish: Contains FIVE new varieties of fish including: a happy little axolitl, a glimmering shoal of neon tetra, a large principle shark, a school of glittering snackerel, and a trio of primary colored shrimp.

For this month's Big Prizes, we have:

At 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1400, 1600, and 1800 shots: a workshop advancement token.
At 700, 900, 1100, 1300, 1700, and 1900 shots: a Token of Friendship
At 300 shots: crafting_parts_3
At 500 shots: crafting_manufacturing_3
At 1000 shots: workshop_brew
At 1500 shots: a Free Class token
At 2000 shots: A Crafter's Omnipass... LET'S DO THIS!
At 2200 shots: quantum_cargo_nets

Otherwise, the following artifacts are in the pool:

You can also win:
a Bushraki personal augmentation casket
an atomic matter articulator
a transponder registration chip
a circular cosmic holocard frame
a black-lacquered costume box
a stasis field
a ConflaGreat portable incinerator
a premium card packet
a random minipet
a neon Dreadlight speeder
an aqua-hued Finlite speeder
a quantum space expander

That's everything for now, friends! Best of luck to everyone participating in the Newbie Challenge, and don't forget to tell your friends to come check out the game!

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