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Announcements post #285: Armor Mod changes.

From: Neritus
Subject: Armor Mod changes.

Hello everyone!

We've loaded some important changes to armor mods, and this is an announcement because I don't want you to miss it!

One of the main challenges of designing the new modding system was trying to allow for mods that are powerful enough that people want them, but do not significantly amplify the amount of inventory management in daily life.

Previously there was a bit of a disparity in this between weapon and armor mods. In order to cover all your bases on armor, you would have needed to swap between *a lot* of different mods. We have thus made the "the highest level of this effect within all relevant armor slots" stipulation universal, unless otherwise stated. This means that, for instance, a Gun Resistance Booster on your torso slot will increase your armor resistance *after* the average armor resistance of all the armor in the bodypart scope has been tallied. This is a fairly subtle difference, but it means you can now fit a lot of different armor mod effects at the same time. The drawback is that it somewhat limits customization, but the advantage is that it drastically reduces a painstaking amount of inventory management. The customization aspect instead goes to where you slot your effects and which effects you sacrifice or choose to invest in at higher levels than others.

This has also been extended to the Shield, such that a Gun Resistance Booster on a Hybrid Mod slotted to the Shield will contribute that effect, unlike before.

Let us know what you think! We will try this on, but it's not too late to revert if we decide the old way was better. And I ask your patience as we update relevant HELP files to reflect these changes :)

Also, we've increased the influence of manufacturer reputation on the amount of mods gained in a shipment.

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