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Announcements post #283: Player Shops.

From: Blaster Master Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Player Shops.

Big news for the traders and crafters of the Starmourn sector.

You can now purchase your very own physical player shop at any time!

Info on how to do this is below, or it's all now listed in HELP SHOPS

To celebrate the release we've also decided to offer a free RAINBOW TESSERACT for every 100 credits you buy up to 1000 credits, just until the end of the month.
(For more info on those, see HELP TESSERACTS)

Player Shops
You may now purchase a physical storefront in Starmourn. Woo! Currently the price for this is 2500 credits.

Whilst this is not an inconsiderable number of credits, it has been based on what is possible by utilizing the DAILYCREDITS system for a month at full pelt, or a couple (or longer) more casually. Obviously you can also buy credits or get them by all the usual means of acquiring them if you want to buy one sooner!
Cooler shops with different features will also be available in future auctions, so keep an eye out for those!

Purchasing Deeds:
You may buy the deeds to a shop at one of the following offices:
- Fontain and Almasi Neutral Corporate Intermediary - Almasi Arena - 12503
- Song Marketing and Retail Mediary Services - Song City - 11202
- Scatterhome Commercial Advice Bureau - Haven City - 11564
- The Celestine Ascendancy Retail and Marketing Association - Litharge - 11200
- The Neutral Office for Business and Shopkeeping - Omni Station - 11239

You can own as many shops as you like, but obviously they will cost 2500 credits each.

There are titles available at 1, 5 and 10 shops owned.

Setting up shop:
Shops may be set up in specific rooms throughout the sector, which will show up as lilac on the map and will have a room message that tells you: "You can establish a shop here." These rooms will be near to the offices that serve them.
Once you have found a vacant room, drop your deed there and instructions will follow. The deed will transform into a licensing panel which will display in your shop as long as you own it.
If you want to move your shop, you'll need to ISSUE yourself to request this from an admin, but unless there's a very good reason, your shop stays where you have claimed.
If you'd like your shop to be somewhere else, that is, not in a designated player shop room. ISSUE ME with your request and we will try to accommodate your request wherever possible.

Building an extension:
In these offices you may also buy a shop extension module, which will enable you to add one room onto your shop.
**You may only add one room to each shop, for a shop maximum size of two rooms**
Once you have bought one, drop it in your shop and instructions will follow.

Some basic props are available in the trading offices. These can be further customized using the CUSTOMIZATION system, or placed as-is. You can PUSH and TURN the shop sign to set up a welcome message to those who enter.

I think that's it for now.

Any questions, bugs or suggestions, please use the usual communication channels!

Enjoy... this update really is... TOP OF THE SHOPS.

But hey, you've seen one group of shops, you've seen a mall... EH? EH?

(I bet you thought I'd spared you the pun this time. I apologize.)

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