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Announcements post #281: Forced movement changes.

From: Neritus
Subject: Forced movement changes.

Hello all!

We've reworked how forced movement resist works a bit.

When you are successfully force moved, you will gain a 10% chance to resist future forced movement for 20s. If you are forced again in those 20s, the 20s timer restarts and your resist goes up another 10%, and so on until the 20s elapses, reducing your resist back to normal.

SUIT STEADY and OBLIVION GROUNDING no longer prevent forced movement entirely, they instead give you a +100% chance to resist forced movement.

"But Neritus, what's the point of that last bit? There's nothing to reduce my target's forced movement resist so grounding and steady will always succeed!" Yep, this change was totally pointless (Hint: it's not).

Happy movements,
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