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Announcements post #279: Full ST-eam ahead!

From: Blaster Master Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Full ST-eam ahead!

Hello everyone,

With all the new developments, here at Starmourn HQ we are finding that we increasingly need more hands on battlestations. So we've decided to recruit a new storyteller, or possibly two if we have the right applications!

We'd ideally like to hear from people with:

- A passion for and understanding of game lore and mechanics.
- The confidence and creativity to possess denizens and roleplay in character at events.
- The reliability to engage with and respond to player requests and enquiries in-game and on Discord.
- The ability and willingness to learn our in-house programming system for making quests and interactive items.

Storytellers are meant, first and foremost, to drive player stories in an individual faction and take the lead on its creative direction. Each of our factions already has a storyteller right now, so you will be working in partnership with another ST to ensure consistency for players.

While we do have some rules and restrictions for our volunteer staff, we have many perks as well! Storytellers have a lot of creative freedom within those rules, and are able to shape the direction of the game for themselves and players under their jurisdiction - with guidance from Senior Staff!

If you have good communication skills, can commit to 10 hours per week, the ability to finish what you start, and think you're up for being an active member of our volunteer team, please consider sending in an application to with answers to the following questions.


1. Why do you want to be a Storyteller?

2. How much time do you think you will be able to contribute to the game in a normal week?

3. What do you think you will bring to the game?

4. What are your expectations for being a Storyteller?

5. What three things would you change about Starmourn?

6. How would you describe yourself in online interactions?

7. What's your mud experience like?

8. What do you think your most valuable player contribution to Starmourn has been, thus far?

9. What's your favorite feature of Starmourn, and why?

Please also include your real name and what character you play in Starmourn!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

You have until sync on Friday 20th August (Time converter: ) to apply.

Best wishes,

Damiel & Neritus
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