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Ship Combat and Super Cruisers

Just a quick comparison with existing Cruisers. Then premium and artifact cruiser. Then after that my suggestions. I invite discussion from others, I really tried to make this simple just to show how different it is.

Capacitor on all the normal/premium ships is 15k and 17k on the artifact ships.

Superstructure #10 - Ixodon Industries Twilight
Hull - 14.43k (how many hits your ship can take)
Mass - 27k tons (affects acceleration to top speed)
Shield - 18.5k (max possible that can be equipped)
DPS - 6000 (max cannon build)
Turn Time - 2.4s

Superstructure #11 - Relian Shipyards Hurricane 
Hull - 11.30k 
Mass - 22.5k tons 
Shield - 18.5k
DPS - 6733.33
Turn Speed - 2.0s

Superstructure #12 - Sinseel Systems Conqueror 
Hull - 10.20k
Mass - 19.5k tons
Shield - 18.5k
DPS - 5400
Turn Speed - 2.01s

Superstructure #13 - Wayland Astrotech Nova 
Hull - 8.75k
Mass - 27k tons
Shield - 18.5k
DPS - 4666.66
Turn Speed - 1.88s

Superstructure #14 - Thill Conglomerate Battleaxe 
Hull - 14.43k 
Mass - 27k tons
Shield - 18.5k
DPS - 4066.66
Turn Speed - 1.79s

***Premium ship 3,871,750 marks for ONLY the super structure***

Superstructure #41 - Vertix Luxury Systems Aether 
Hull - 15.31k 
Mass - 29.25k tons
Shield - 18.5k
DPS - 6733.33
Turn Speed - 2.20s

***All three Artifact ships - Variable credit payments from 500cr to 17000cr***

Hull - 17.42k
Mass - 65k tons
Shield - 39k
DPS - 7333.33
Turn Speed - 1.0s

The artifact ship has hull that is 12.2% stronger, a shield that is 52.6% stronger, DPS that is 8.2% stronger and a turn speed that is 55.8% faster than the best another cruiser can produce. The artifact ship is also 55% heavier than the heaviest cruiser which means these ships take a LONG time to get moving after coming to a complete stop (not even including the cargo and supplies).

Clearly the turn speed and shields are out of this world good and the weight is MORE than the heaviest battleship... My suggestion is to equalize these stats that are all over the place. Pick a number that is reasonable something like 15% better in each category. That's similar to a weapon damage 3 artie. How would that look?

Hull - 17.61k
Mass - 33.63k tons
Shield - 21.3k
DPS - (stay the same honestly is my recommendation) - at most add 1 medium weapon slot for the 15% and remove a small cannon slot
Turn Speed - 1.52

^ this is still VERY GOOD but leaves room for actual counterplay and competition. I was going to include a bunch of other stuff but really I'd like to hear what everyone thinks about this recommendation. Especially Rylek and Clover.

Even if the other artifact ships don't change, I would be willing to nerf my own ship to these stats :). Thoughts everyone?


  • At a shield of 39k compared to 18.5k, isn't that a shield that is 110% stronger than the equivalent? 

    How does it compare to battleship stats? I know these breakdowns take a lot of time, so I'm not asking you to do the same with battleships. But with the hull, mass, and shield being that much higher, isn't it basically "a battleship that turns really fast" instead of "a cruiser that turns faster and hits harder"?

    Or is it a cruiser because that's what the superstructure is categorized as?

    I don't dabble much in space, so I don't know how good or bad these are in terms of counterplay. The majority of the value and the rationale behind a gigantic credit prize, I figured, was the RP of having a one-of-a-kind ship. I don't think anybody bought it for the stats, but if they did, 17000cr for "an equivalent boost to wd_3" at 1600cr value does sound like it'd be too much into the low end.

    If the stats seem unfair towards players that don't have an artifact ship, what if the luxury superstructure had a suitably-priced luxury shield to at least match or get closer to the artifact ones? That seems like the biggest difference outside of turn speed. 
  • SO uh, running on low sleep but yes my percentages are off on that one section! The numbers above are all accurate though. And yes! It's more comparable to a battleship in DPS and shields. Max battleship shields is 42k as a comparison. :) 
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