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Announcements post #276: ARMORSETS and ARMOR RESISTANCES!

From: Neritus

Hello everyone!

We continue down the warpath of equipment-related QoL with two new features:

First off we have ARMOR RESISTANCES [INV] [SLOT] which works like ARMOR LIST, but gives you a condensed view of all the resistances of matching armor pieces. But that's not the cool thing...

Introducing, armor sets! Accessible via ARMORSET, you can use this feature to create sets of armor from your existing gear that you can quickly equip using ARMORSET EQUIP <set name>. ARMORSET EQUIP consumes 4s of balance, but lets you completely swap out your set of armor in a single balance.

You can have a maximum of 3 armor sets, increasing the maximum by 1 with the new extra_armorset artifact.

Gearing up,
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