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Announcements post #273: DO NOT AUGUST YOUR SET.

From: Blaster Master Damiel, Pew Pew Pew

(...yes, that was the worst pun yet. You have no idea how long it took me to come up with either, it's tragic.)

Hello everyone!

Well... what can I say? What an AMAZING first month for the new team. With 1114 votes on Top Muds (staying in #2 for the whole month! Let's do it again!), 1966 shots fired on Mission Control (SO CLOSE!), and more sales than any other month since launch I think we're off to a flying start! I don't want to get too squishy or anything, but it means a huge deal to us that you've all shown us such an amazing welcome. And the amazing support I've seen you all giving to one another, and any new players, makes me feel so incredibly proud of this community, I can't even say. So much has happened this month, and we have a LOT more coming up! Also a HUGE THANK YOU to our amazing Storytellers and volunteer coders. Soren, Saio, Argus, Nicnevin, Bricky and Senzei - you are all incredible.

We have a Big New Thing coming up this month, but we all want to be around and available for troubleshooting when it launches, and Neritus isn't around this evening, so you'll have to wait just a little while longer for that. But it will be SOON. Gird your loins, everyone.

The shop contest is now closed! Thanks to those who entered! I'll be posting up the entries tomorrow and will do a separate announce about voting etc. So while entering is officially closed, IF you haven't entered and you wanted to, I'm sure I can still add you in up until tomorrow when I post the entries up!

We have some shiny new promo items for you all this month. And as previously mentioned, Mission Control is staying up for the time being. But as of now the counter has been reset to 0 and the prizes have had a huge changeover! HELP MISSIONCONTROL for more info on how it works, if you're not familiar with it!

Also remember you still have 3 days to buy a Limited Edition Arcade Machine! The machines include 5 batteries to use on mission control, and also include titles, an honors line, and houuurs of fun!

SOOOOO without further ado, our new items are:

A houseplant starter kit
For the green-fingered (or clawed, or tendrilled) among you, this crate contains everything a home or ship gardener needs to get started growing a selection of lovely house plants, including a stylish black plant pot and a packet of assorted house plant seeds. Just PULL a seed from the packet and PUT the seed in the pot to get started!

A 'Grindcore' special issue of CLANG!
The latest issue of 'CLANG!' zine, the sector's most famous periodical dedicated to the heavy music and fighting pit scene. CLANG! is a gritty, hardcore offering, full of gig reviews, fighting tips and the latest in starcore, punk and heavy rock lifestyle and fashion info. Plastered throughout its content are ads for fighting pits, underground concerts, musical instruments and weaponry ranging from the high-end to the positively dubious. This special issue contains a special set of customization options, to ensure you look as badass as possible. FLAKK YEAH!

A novelty sticker collector's book
This cute holographic book is decorated with planets, constellations and spaceships in a somewhat childlike, whimsical style. A blank spot on the cover automatically adapts to show the book's owner, currently reading 'My Sticker Collection!' The pages are specially made so that much loved stickers can be stuck and unstuck over and over again. Magic! TOUCH this sticker book to make it display your name on the front, and PUT stickers inside to preserve them. Stores up to 50 stickers on 10 pages.

A memorial deed
This small, oblong datapad seems to be shaped like some kind of casket, though it manages not to look tacky. Made from slick black glass that almost looks like obsidian, it merely features a small biosensor on the back, and on the screen an unobtrusive, very slowly moving white silhouette of a bird in flight. What's it for?! Well, that's for you to find out this month.

Also back this month are some existing items you might enjoy!
- A wing-painted Cloudloft 900 hoverbike

- A black and chrome Maddoxson hoverbike

- A bulky signal jammer
Shaped like some kind of gun, this item was clearly meant to be pointed at something. It looks like a few different electronic devices have been soldered together inside a red nanoplastic casing that looks like it was scavenged from a barcode scanner from a grocery store and fails to cover everything perfectly. An old-fashioned black and white LED status screen embedded in the handle at the bottom displays code and information in a scrolling line, and a decal affixed to the side of the casing reads 'DRONE KILLER DELUXE'.

- A collectible bobblehead box

- A simple vase

- A blood-splattered nanoplastic baggie

- An indescribable cabinet

- A sentry drone

The artifacts on offer this month are:

- bhrk_optical
- ww_regen_2
- dataghosting
- door_jammer
- huddle_enhancement
- singularity_xp
- singularity_cxp
- singularity_hxp
- heartbleed
- spacewalk_2
- ship_weapon_range
- ship_weapon_falloff
- ship_free_voidgate
- ship_beacon_1

AAAAAAAND our big prizes are as follows:

Every 100 shots there will be a BIG PRIZE. We will have:

300 shots - A Heartbeat Sensor artifact (ally_teleport)

600 shots - A Static Web Launcher (static_web)

1000 shots - Bushraki Life Support (bhrk_life_support)

1500 shots - A Portable Heartstart Device

2000 shots - A Portable Heartstart Device

And the rest will be:

A friendship token at 100, 200, 400, 800, 1200, 1400, 1600 and 1800 shots.

A weapon upgrade token at 500, 700, 900, 1100, 1300, 1700 and 1900 shots.

As usual, if you have any questions, RP/event requests or anything else, let your faction storyteller know, send us a message, or make sure you're using the BUG, TYPO and ISSUE commands when necessary.

Happy spacing, spacers!

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