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Announcements post #246: New CUSTOMization requests!

From: Heroically Concise Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: New CUSTOMization requests!

Hello 'mourners!

We have made an adjustment to our item customization system, and you may now add some fancy flourishes to your stuff (or general game world stuff, if it's appropriate!)

See HELP ITEMCUST, but the additional guidelines are as follows:

Some additional functionality may be added to an item that doesn't already possess this function. (e.g. You could make an artwork change its dropped description when PUSHed, or make a necklace jingle when you shake it etc. - the practicability will very much depend on the customization.)

1) You CAN add additional functionality to tradeskill designed items, with the exception of mixology liquids (sorry mixologists!).

2) You cannot replace or add functionality to an event/action that already exists for that item. For example, you can't customize a pen to do something different when pushed, because it already has something assigned to its push event, but you COULD add a 'turn'ed event, or have it respond to a certain emote.

3) For tradeskill designed items, you can only add mechanical changes to events you haven't completed on the design. So if you use push/pull already in the design, you wouldn't be allowed to edit those, but you COULD add extras like used, opened etc etc.

4) Same cost as normal customizations - so 50cr per event that they edit (first and third person included as one item), plus 50cr if you change any of the desc. This stacks, so if you wanted to add push, pull, open, close, change the desc and make it permanent, you would have to pay 50cr for each thing. You can add 1% damage for flavor but it counts as an extra item where price is concerned, so an extra 50cr.

5) The following events are available:
- USE (only works on items in the room, not in your inventory)
- Shake
- Others... just ask.

6) These extra events are intended for RP reasons only. If you notice that something may be mechanically abusable then that is a bug on our part, and we expect you to let us know!

7) As with any customization, we will try to be fair and will do our best to grant your wishes, but in some cases requests may be rejected if we deem the additional functionality to be inappropriate or outside the scope of an item customization.

8) Your request must make sense in all situations, so you cannot prog a teacup to say that it's full of vodka every time it's drunk from, because it might not have vodka in it. Also same rules apply as with every other type - no imposing feelings on people or implying a mechanic that isn't there please. A small amount of physiological, "makes your head spin for a second" etc is okay, as long as it passes within that moment. It will be at admin discretion as to whether it is appropriate.

**To request a prog customization, just leave the other fields in the request blank, and explain what you would like in a cooment. To view syntax look at CUSTOMIZATION REQUEST**
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