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Announcements post #245: Bots and bulkheads and barrels, oh my!

From: Neritus
Subject: Bots and bulkheads and barrels, oh my!

Hello everyone!

Today we have another batch of Engineer updates for you, designed to improve Engineer's troubled relationship with cover a little bit, and to lay the groundwork for some more exciting changes to Heartbreaker.

- All turret shots now apply a chance to hit through cover, still not factoring in where the engineer is covering.

- Turrets with the Targetlock body have a higher chance to penetrate cover.

- When the turret misses the target due to cover, it hits the prop instead (as before with ony Targetlock bodies). They apply an effect to the prop depending on the barrel, which was true before, but to summarize:
- Flamethrow deals damage to the prop and ignites it (as before).
- Shardflinger adds shrapnel to props that don't have it already (new).
- Laser and Forcewave simply deal damage to the prop (as before).
- Strobe ignores props (as before).

- BOT CRUSH now deals damage to the prop, modded by toolkit, techcraft, and prop mass, as well as any players covering behind it.

- As we did with MWP, we've addressed ranged Engineer abilities with cooldowns which before could ambiguously go on cooldown when they hit cover. Now they will hit the prop when they miss:
- Harass can now hit props, doing nothing (see: Netlaunch)
- Spike now hits props, damaging the prop and adding shrapnel to it (like Shardflinger)
- Repeat now ignores cover. Instead, cover is tested on each repeat tick, taking into account any updates to the cover situation.
- Let us know if we missed any ranged Engineer abilities with cooldowns.

- Also, a couple of bug fixes with RECALL:
- Turrets will no longer infinitely collapse their subsystems in inventories.
- TURRET RECALL by itself now targets the turret in the room.

That is all, happy tinkering. I'll be back soon <3

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