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Announcements post #239: I, robot.

From: Neritus
Subject: I, robot.

Hello everyone!

We're not done everything we want to do with Turrets yet, but we're taking a brief foray into bots to address some QoL with the UAV, and add a new UAV ability.

The crafty Engineers among you discovered some time ago that it was possible with BOT DELIVER to find out where your target was located so long as they were in the same area. But we weren't big on the flavor of you having to send your target something to hunt them down...

- Crazy Jerry is not happy about it, but BOT DELIVER is now global. That said, ORDER LOOK and SURVEIL will not let you hunt down their location this way.
- New UAV ability: BOT SEEK <target> [bot]. Send your UAV out to find the target and they will creepily scan them, giving you a long-distance OPERATE HUD/DIAGNOSE on them. Pretty sus. (Combine it with BOT SURVEIL to find out where they are)
- Speaking of BOT SURVEIL, this ability has some upgrades, but also a bit of a downgrade. It used to give you the results of ORDER LOOK and INFO HERE, now it gives you a shorter line just containing the room's title and the players in it. If you want more information, you can ORDER <#> LOOK. Additionally, BOT SURVEIL and ORDER LOOK now fail if there is PLASMA SMOKE in the room.
- The diligent Engineers among you have probably experimented with PATROL. Patrol is still in to help your UAV follow a predefined path, but now you can also ORDER <loyal> WANDER [OFF]. Not all types of loyals can wander, but your bots sure can, including your UAVs! The hope is that this makes using BOT SURVEIL significantly less cumbersome. Wandering is random, so patrol still might be better, but we wanted you to have the flexibility to decide whatever suits your purposes.
- To wander, your loyals need to not be following you, so ORDER <loyal> STAY will get them out the door.
- HOMEPORT brings all your bots back to you and also makes them FOLLOW you, so if your UAV is wandering and you HOMEPORT, this will stop them from wandering until you order them to STAY again.
- You can ORDER <loyal> WANDER [OFF] a loyal not in the same room as you.

As always, please let us know if you encounter any Bugs. New and exciting features = new and exciting bugs.

Happy tinkering,
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