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Announcements post #237: Turrets, Part 1.

From: Neritus
Subject: Turrets, Part 1.

Hello Sector!

We begin our work on Engineer with Turrets and today we have some much-needed QoL features and bugfixes.

- New ability #1! You can now TURRET RECALL <TURRET/ALL> to remotely repackage turrets, returning them to your inventory.
- New ability #2! You can now TURRET CONFIG <DEFAULT/SENTRYMODE/FOCUS> [TARGET] to automatically prime new turrets in a specific setting when deploying them.
- You can now TURRET CONSTRUCT [barrel] [body] [mod] to construct a turret complete with a barrel, body, and mod in a single balance.
- You can now TURRET DEPLOY [barrel] [body] [mod] to deploy the first turret in your inventory with the specified barrel/body/mod loadout.
- You can now deploy up to 3 QPC turrets in an area.
- TURRET FOCUS, SENTRYMODE, DEFAULT down from 3s of bal to 1.5s.
- Turrets now cost 4 parts to construct, was 8.


- TURRET LIST ALL table rows no longer spill over to newlines on conventional word wrap settings.
- TURRET BODY FORTIFY no longer erroneously requires a QPC.

We're not quite done with Turrets, though. Currently under investigation: Turret behaviors with respect to peaced rooms, pk flags, combat status, etc. The problem is a bit tangled, but we're getting to the bottom of it.

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