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Announcements post #236: The Golden Path.

From: Neritus
Subject: The Golden Path.

Greetings, Sector!

By now you've heard the news. With heavy hearts we say goodbye to Eukelade, who since the early days of Starmourn has dedicated her time and energy to build the world we all enjoy.

I'll be stepping into the role of Co-Producer along with Damiel, and I'll be focusing on the code side of things. If you've been around the last few months, then you know who I am! If not, I'm Neritus. My background is in computational linguistics, my favorite books are Dune and LotR, and I don't have a favorite colour. It is an absolute thrill to take up the keys. And as my partner in crime I'd choose none other than Damiel, whose imagination and worldbuilding wizardry will certainly lift the Starmourn world to new heights!

In my time so far, I've been focused on fixing and finishing Starmourn's core systems. That work will continue. Going forward over the next months, I have the following goals:
1) A full pass on each class, including bug fixes, quality of life, making dud skills exciting, and closing out the recent round of Classleads. If you were around last week, you know that I've concluded my work on B.E.A.S.T. (for now), and am now working on Engineer. Balancing is never fully finished, but I'd like to get us as close as possible to a situation where at least every single skill has some use in some context, even if that context is niche, and said skills actually work.
2) Once this is finished, there will be a rework of weapon and armor modding. I can't disclose details now, but it will be more fun and rewarding to research and craft mods, and more desirable for everyone to own them.
3) Once armor and weapon modding are where we want them, it's finally time: Ship modding.

But far be it from me to tell you what you want. This is not my game, nor Damiel's. It belongs to us all! We'll be on the Discord and forums chatting with you all. Ping me, get up in my DMs, or reach out to me at my e-mail, I'm ready for it. This is a strong community where I've found an unlikely home for two and a half years, and that is not going to change any time soon.

For ~~Frodo~~ Euke,
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